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Chambers' Goals:

To be a highly effective, efficient and supportive organization for our members that promotes business relationships between Asia, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

We will do this on behalf of members by:

Cooperating with and making representations to the Governments of the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand and other organizations in the three countries to promote trade, investment and commercial relations;

Promoting trade, investment and commercial relations;

Promoting relations between the people of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines which would enhance business linkages;

Providing advocacy and other support for Members in respect of specific business, trade or investment issues in the Philippines either directly or through other business organizations;

Collecting, collating and disseminating relevant information relating to business, commerce and industry between the three countries.

Providing the means for the exchange of ideas concerning commerce and industry between the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand;

Providing opportunities for networking between Australians, New Zealanders and Filipinos which can lead to increased business;

Promoting rules, regulations, usages, taxation regimes and practices of trade and investment which facilitate business operations between the three countries;

Establishing linkages and partnerships with Chambers of Commerce/Industry and other public and/or private bodies in the Philippines, in Australia, in New Zealand and the region which can enhance commercial linkages;

Ensuring to the best of our ability that our activities represent best practice in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility and that at all times we remain a non-political entity and shall not support any political or trade union/organization.

Current President

Ian Porter
2012 - Present

List of Past Presidents

Ian Porter
2012 - 2013
John Casey
2010 - 2012
Richard Barclay
2002 - 2010
Bill Mason
2000 - 2002
Peter Gomm
1999 - 2000
Peter Wallace
1994 - 1999
John Fairfield
1992 - 1994
Charles Searby
1990 - 1992
Peter Wallace
1987 - 1990
Simon Israel
1986 - 1987
David Bonney
1984 - 1986
J. Marcus Cooney
1981 - 1984


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