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ANZCHAM fully understands the importance of constant communication. After all, it is through communication that important facts and brilliant suggestions are shared and discussed. With this in mind, ANZCHAM created an Online News section to keep its members abreast of the latest happenings in the country, as well as the organization, that may be of interest to them. Your comments and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


Vignettes by Peter Wallace

The Kids Know

When there was 5 million or so in the Neanderthal world looking after the environment wasn’t an issue. Chop down a tree to cook the meat of wild animals, who cared. But when there’s 7 billion, well that’s another story isn’t it? I wonder if Malthus will finally be proven right, I for one wouldn’t be surprised. Thomas Malthus you’ll remember predicted in 1798 that “population increase would outpace increases in the means of subsistence”.

The multitude of environmental groups are quite right, mankind is destroying the world. But their all or nothing attitude is not, although I’ll admit it may be necessary in order to get to a compromise. But compromise it has to be.

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Asian Century Business Grant Winners

Australian Parliamentary Secretary for Trade, Media release, 28 June 2013

A total of 27 member-based business organisations have been awarded grants to help them expand their networks in Asia under the Australian Government’s inaugural Asian Century Business Engagement plan.


Organisations from Australia and Asia submitted 95 applications for funding under the Austrade-administered engagement plan.


The four-year, $6 million program was announced last year under the Government’s White Paper on Australia in the Asian Century.


“Personal relationships are essential to doing business, especially in many Asian societies,” Mr Thomson said.


“This engagement plan is all about helping Australian business organisations to forge those personal links and to identify opportunities.”


By 2025, Australia’s trade links with Asia are expected to account for at least one-third of GDP, compared with one-quarter in 2011.


Australian companies are increasingly providing high value-added goods and services to regional value chains, leading to greater integration of small and medium-sized enterprises into Asian markets.


The business engagement plan is a merit-based, competitive program.


Successful applicants come from metropolitan and regional Australia, as well as from offshore. Most applicants’ proposals encompass multiple markets.


Many worthy projects could not be supported in the inaugural plan. However, these plans or revised proposals may be considered in the second funding year.


Successful ACBE Plan Grant Applicants 2013

Australian–New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Philippines Inc

The Australian–New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Philippines will support Australian companies to understand and gain entry to the Philippine market through enhancing its member services including the development of a comprehensive website.

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