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Benefits of ANZCHAM Members

-  Networking


Seek out market opportunities ‐ import (supply sources) and export (foreign buyers) and meet potential clients, distributors, partners, employers & employees


- Active Board and Working Group/Committees that meet at least once a month to discuss and resolve issues important to members.


- Active and influential advocacy/lobby group(s) that analyze key concerns affecting the business community.


-   Excellent ANZCHAM personnel ready to assist Members with any issues or concerns.

-  Opportunity to meet and engage in discussions with key personalities from both the government and private sectors through Monthly Membership Meetings, Economic Briefings and CEO Forum.


-  Full involvement and cooperation with the other Foreign Chambers of Commerce in the Philippines, including the opportunity for members to participate in joint Foreign Chambers’ Functions.


-  Access to the Embassies of Australia and New Zealand.


-  Special relationships with the Philippines‐Australia Business Council (PABC), the Philippines‐New Zealand Business Council (PNZBC), and the Australian‐New Zealand Association (ANZA) in the Philippines; and with the Australia‐Philippines Business Council (APBC) in Australia and the New Zealand‐Philippines Business Council (NZPBC) in New Zealand.


-  Free entrance to Three (3) Monthly Membership Meetings


for Members Only


1. ANZCHAM Member for more than SIX (6) MONTHS
2. and, are in good financial standing* (to be determined by the ANZCHAM Secretariat)

Requests will be subject to further checks and processes by the respective Australian and New Zealand Visa offices.


A. To avail of this benefit

Members who are non-Australian and non-New Zealand citizens planning to apply for a visa may request the ANZCHAM Secretariat for a letter to be submitted along with the visa requirements as prescribed by the respective immigration offices.

The member must submit a formal request to and with the following details:

Name of Applicant
Passport Number
Type of Visa
Dates of intended travel

The Secretariat will then verify the following:

That the applicant has been a member of ANZCHAM for more than 6 months;
That the applicant is in good financial standing, meaning that the Member has no outstanding balance of over 30 days with ANZCHAM (for membership, events, sponsorships, and other fees).

Once verified, the Secretariat will generate a membership verification letter via email for the applicant.

B. Scope and Exceptions

More specifically, this benefit is extended to the following:

The Principal Member classified as Corporate, Associate, Provincial, Individual, Professional Under 35, and Retiree.
Note: This does not apply to Honorary or Non-Resident members.

The spouse and dependents of the Principal Member classified as Corporate, Associate, Provincial, Individual, Professional under 35, and Retiree.
Note: This applies only in cases where the member’s family will be travelling with the member.

The employees or staff of the principal member classified as Corporate, Associate or Provincial travelling on business for the member company.
Note: This request must come from the principal member.

C. Others

Verification requests can only be made from Monday to close of business on Friday. Requests made after that will be dealt with the following Monday, with exception to official business holidays. Verification letters will be released 24 hours from the time of request.

FOR QUESTIONS REGARDING THIS BENEFIT please contact the ANZCHAM Secretariat at (632) 755 8841 or email

FOR QUESTIONS ON VISA-RELATED MATTERS, please contact the respective embassies.


ANZCHAM members seeking to apply for a Short Stay Visitor / Business Visa should first check the core requirements to ensure timely processing of the visa application:

Australian applicants see:

New Zealand applicants see:

ANZCHAM visa applications should include the following:

Correct visa application form
Supporting documentation (Including purpose of travel to Australia / New Zealand)
Visa application charge / fee
Copy of ANZCHAM confirmation of current membership (Issued by ANZCHAM)
Photocopy of valid passport / bio data page (actual passport not required)*

*Only applicable to applicants for Australian visas. There may be the rare occasion where the passport will be required to verify travel details however this will be on a case by case basis.

By submitting a photocopy of the passport bio data page, this benefits members who are travelling on short notice, as they will not have to submit their passport at the time of application.


The application can be couriered directly to PIASI - details can be found at or
“Attention: Client Services, Australian Embassy (Manila)/New Zealand Embassy (Manila)”

Current President

Ian Porter
2012 - Present

List of Past Presidents

Ian Porter
2012 - 2013
John Casey
2010 - 2012
Richard Barclay
2002 - 2010
Bill Mason
2000 - 2002
Peter Gomm
1999 - 2000
Peter Wallace
1994 - 1999
John Fairfield
1992 - 1994
Charles Searby
1990 - 1992
Peter Wallace
1987 - 1990
Simon Israel
1986 - 1987
David Bonney
1984 - 1986
J. Marcus Cooney
1981 - 1984

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